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New theme created for my blog on 8.30.2014. I am currently updating my tags page so there is a lot of fandoms added on my blog that aren't on the page yet.

Updating the James Deen link sometime in September.

About My Themes

Last Theme Pack Released: August 15, 2014 over @ 'lachowskiithemes'
I am currently working on releasing pages and
I have a lot of new themes to give out. Be patient with me.


Beware content on my blog gets personal.
18+ content has always been apart of my blog
since 2010 so you have been warned.
vibrations are tremors that shook long ago

ann. 22. femme. cleveland. multi-fandom trash. film, tv, music & pop culture junkie. francisco lachowski is ruining my life. i like to spend my free time making free tumblr themes, edits and gifs.   Online ∙ Views

Men I Love - Tom Hiddleston

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